Nuclear Industry

Project: Nuclear Power plant Mochovce, Slovakia Completion of Units 3, 4
Work: I&C Commissioning team support

System: Teleperm XS, T2000

Project: Taishan Nuclear Power plant Commissioning by AREVA NP
Work: Commissioning Test Procedures for EPR (European Pressurised Reactor) of Nuclear Power Plant, Taishan - China

System: Teleperm XS (Preparation and modification of documentation on a special software tools CODEM 1.4, ICAPS ,MS-Access and MS-Excel databases processing and automation of the documents using special AREVA(FRAMATONE) Macros

Project: Nuclear Power Plant, Mochovce, Slovakia
Work: Support to Site Management in area of commissioning on Units 3, 4

System: -

Reactor Control System and
Software: implementation of Reactor Control System and/or Protection System in Function Diagram Editor data integrity checks in MS Access/Excel

Hardware: engineering for digital safety Instrumentation&Control engineering TXS Safety Cabinets