IT references

Project Slnečnice
Java, Postgress DB, Vaadin, Maven, Hibernate, Spring

Managing aplication for boiler rooms

QR scanner
Applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone

QR scanner developed in cross platform SDK Xamarine on customer's demands

Slovensko MTB
Development of mobile apps for Android and iOS

GPS navigition for cyclists, including many slovak bicycle tracks

Development of iOS and Android apps

Usage of phone hardware, such as BT, camera etc.

Project: Kedros
Work: development and maintenance of simulation software, and development of data collection system in the field of energetics

Technology: Spring boot, Hibernate, Prime Faces

Project: United information system for road transport
Work: development of backend services

Technology: Spring boot, Hibernate, Weblogic, Oracle 11

Project: Slovak Land Registry
Work: development and maintanance of portal solution for land registry of Slovak republic

Technology: JSF2.0, Hibernate, Spring, Weblogic, Oracle 11

Project: OCC/SMILE, NTT Data Vienna
Work: 1. development of enterprise application for integration of various providers of electric car charging stations in Austria and Slovakia 2. Backend for mobile application for personal navigation in Vienna

Technology: JBoss, Spring Integration, PrimeFaces, JPA, Postgres SQL, MS SQL, Jasper reports

Project: LMS, SAP Bratislava
Work: development of banking related J2EE based project, increasing its code quality and security by SAP standards

Technology: Lean Java Server (LJS), SAML2, SAP-HANA, Fortify

Project: ProcusPack 1, 2, EE
Work: development of enterprise/desktop application for working above control data of Foxboro DCS

Technology: OSGi, Swing, Wicket, JBoss RMI, MySQL

Project: ESPP, Anasoft Bratislava
Work: development of portal solution for gas distribution company

Technology: Liferay, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, Jaxb, Jasper reports, Apache POI