IT references

Project: Kedros
Work: development and maintenance of simulation software, and development of data collection system in the field of energetics

Technology: Spring boot, Hibernate, Prime Faces

Project: United information system for road transport
Work: development of backend services

Technology: Spring boot, Hibernate, Weblogic, Oracle 11

Project: Slovak Land Registry
Work: development and maintanance of portal solution for land registry of Slovak republic

Technology: JSF2.0, Hibernate, Spring, Weblogic, Oracle 11

Project: OCC/SMILE, NTT Data Vienna
Work: 1. development of enterprise application for integration of various providers of electric car charging stations in Austria and Slovakia 2. Backend for mobile application for personal navigation in Vienna

Technology: JBoss, Spring Integration, PrimeFaces, JPA, Postgres SQL, MS SQL, Jasper reports

Project: LMS, SAP Bratislava
Work: development of banking related J2EE based project, increasing its code quality and security by SAP standards

Technology: Lean Java Server (LJS), SAML2, SAP-HANA, Fortify

Project: ProcusPack 1, 2, EE
Work: development of enterprise/desktop application for working above control data of Foxboro DCS

Technology: OSGi, Swing, Wicket, JBoss RMI, MySQL

Project: ESPP, Anasoft Bratislava
Work: development of portal solution for gas distribution company

Technology: Liferay, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, Jaxb, Jasper reports, Apache POI